You can’t launch a rocket without an engine.

And the same applies to communication: if there’s no story of any substance, you can waste a lot of money on marketing – without any lasting effect. Being understood correctly by the relevant target groups is an essential success factor. The wrong positioning can quickly reduce your valuation by a few million – not only on the capital market.

We develop stories for companies – whatever the size or industry focus. We turn complex facts and ideas into easily comprehensible, attractive and emotionally gripping information with a clear impact. Whatever the content, the story has to be just as captivating when told in the lift as it is in 120 or 1,200,000 characters, analogue or digital, in a pitch deck, tweet or annual report.

Storydistilling & Positioning

Together, we craft the relevant story: from the »WHY« to the »hard facts« to the »fantasy«. We then formulate the story as the fundamental basis for all further communication and develop formats for various stakeholders and occasions – from snappy elevator pitch to meaningful investor deck or inspiring website.

Startup Story Development & Advisory

The story is especially important at the beginning! The fewer quantifiable facts there are in your start-up’s history, the more important it is to have a great pitch to convince your customers and investors. We can help you distil your personal story in such a way that your listeners will be inspired – whether in the lift or on the big stage. We are also happy to advise you on various topics: from business plans, to addressing the right investors and establishing contacts with the relevant players.

CEO Communication

You’re at the top, running a company – and your most important job is to inspire your various stakeholder groups. We offer experienced sparring: from the development, formulation and presentation of your core story, to the elaboration of strategic stories and strategy presentations, as well as compelling lectures. We’ll also help you position yourself correctly in the relevant media.

Vision, Mission, Strategy

In our rapidly changing world, it’s essential to have a clear vision, mission and strategy for your communication with all stakeholders. However, there’s often no time to regularly review these topics in your day-to-day business as other issues are more pressing. We help you develop and moderate a continuous process for these important topics and clearly formulate the results.

Strategic & Change Communication

Want to change your business while keeping customers, investors, employees and other key stakeholders on board? We support you on this path with strategic communication that your various target groups can buy into on the basis of a clear story and vision.

Investor Relations

Good relations with the financial community are an essential element of successful IR. We support you maintain or expand your network of investors, analysts and media representatives while also providing these stakeholders with the relevant messages and information.

Financial Reporting

Well-produced financial reports will enable you to tell your story in your own words, present relationships, and create trust as well as understanding. We assist (in compliance with the current regulatory framework of course) by providing analysis, consulting, the development of a compelling report story, a content and visual concept, copy, design, typesetting and project management. This can be done in colour or black and white, with large or small budgets – if the story is compelling.

Corporate Communication

Sharpening your company profile and convincing target groups - this is how corporate communication should work. Your basis for success is a living, functioning corporate personality. We advise you on how to build up this personality and develop accompanying strategic stories, communication concepts, corporate design, company presentations, image brochures, websites, PR and social media instruments.


Text & Ghostwriting
Text & Ghostwriting TEXT
Design & Illustration
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Project Management


Money no issue?!

Good stories don't need lots of pages, glossy images or fancy printing. What’s more important is to take the time to get to the heart of the matter. Then stories work excellentlyin black and white, as a film, as a tweet or simply when told to an audience.

Top of mind ≠ close to heart

Stories work when they trigger emotions and touch hearts. Only then will they be remembered in the long term.

Start with Why!

»People don't buy what you do but WHY you do it« says Simon Sinek, inventor of the »Golden Circle«, and explains how this has made brands such as Apple so successful. It’s actually also a good summary of why teams are the most important decision criterion for investors.

There's always a story!

Truly every person and every organisation has a story! The art is to find it and state it in an attractive and compelling way – story canvas can help here, for example.